The Brexit Big Ben Alarm Clock is now on sale to the general public. Over 2,640,032 downloads so far of Big Ben Software Products,these are designed for Microsoft Windows XP,7 or 10. Civil,Military,Land, Air & Sea. The Big Ben Time Server is used worldwide, by individuals and companies. We recently upgraded the Big Ben Time Server at Humbly Grove Energy Limited, in Hampshire, England.This has been in service since 2015 on a Windows XP laptop. Now on Windows 10. Humbly Grove Energy Limited are associated with EP UK Investments (EPUKI) a wholly owned subsidiary of Energeticky (EPH), who hold investments in a number of generation assets in the UK, such as Humber Bank and Lynemouth Power Station

The Back To The Future Jukebox App is compatible with Windows 7 or 10. 30 Day Free Trial- £40 to register using Paypal button, then email for username and password. Scales to full screen, click on the links.

Step 1 - Download VB6 KB Update for Windows 10. Updates Windows Common Controls to work on Windows 10

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The Brexit Big Ben Alarm Clock - Working Clock,With full chimes and tolls !!!

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The Clock controls are in the Taskbar. On Windows,Show the icons in the taskbar,left click

Download Big Ben Alarm Clock

Pro DJ,the Big Ben TV Radio App. and the Info Wars Live Streaming Video Feed Windows App. are compatible with Windows 7 or 10. The App's scale to full screen, click on the links.

The price for The Big Ben Time Server is £20 If you purchase The Big Ben Time Server, we will send you a registration key via email within 48 hours.

BIGBENGPSTime with Big Ben Quiet Mode 9pm to 9am, and auto GPS receiver port detection. Six months of rigorous bench testing was undertaken, before the BIGBENGPSTIME was released for general sale.

Humbly Grove Energy was the first installation in 2015. A total of 2 Servers and 7 Clients are synchronised using the most famous clock in the World. Big Ben with full chimes and toll bells.

We have enquires from all over the World, and a total of 23345 people have downloaded the 30 day trial.

The 30 day trial period gives unrestricted use of this fabulous software. Download and try it for yourself.

News Archive

06.05.2003. Big Ben Classic and Big Ben Pro v3 on sale. Published in PC Format Magazine

06.06.2015. Big Ben Atomic Clock V1.3 on sale.

27.09.2015. Big Ben Atomic Clock V1.4 on sale.

11.11.2015. BIGBENGPSTime on sale.

09.05.2017. The Big Ben Time Server V1.0 on sale.

The Big Ben Time Server is PC time synchronization software that synchronizes the PC clock to the time from a GPS receiver.

The Big Ben Time Server is set up as a system service where the PC clock is disciplined to the NMEA string from the GPS. The control loop uses the same techniques in disciplining OCXO oscillators and atomic Rubidium clocks. By charactering the arrival of NMEA messages, The Big Ben Time Server uses advanced digital filters to minimize communication jitter and achieve the best reference to train the PC clock to.

Because of this, there are some requirements that need to be met. Specifically, the rate output of NMEA message GPGGA and GPRMC.

It’s getting more difficult to find a PC with a native RS-232 serial communication port, most GPS receivers that interface to a PC use a USB. The majority of the USB GPS receivers will look to the PC as if it is a serial port. However, the modern USB GPS looks to the PC as a USB to Serial driver that emulates the serial port. In the USB world, it’s referred as a CDC (communication device class) device.

The Big Ben Time Server will use the NMEA string (GPGGA) transmitted from the GPS, time tag the first character of the that command and use this as a timing reference. As you would expect, there are delays between the 1PPS epoch and the RS-232 causing software jitter. The delay can be calibrated out. The Big Ben Time Server will use digital filtering (the red line you see in the Time Difference Plot - see below) and discipline the PC clock to this reference.


  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10

The minimum NMEA sentence requirements matter. The most important is that the GPGGA and GPRMC message output once per second.